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How to prevent your dog from jumping on you and house guests when you walk through the door

How to prevent your dog from jumping on you and house guests when you walk through the door

Most dog owners know this situation well – your exuberant dog jumps up on you when you get home from work or he jumps on your guests when they come over. We'll show you how to overcome this potentially awkward moment. 
What if my dog isn't food motivated?

What if my dog isn't food motivated?

(3 min read) Is your pup not particularly motivated by food or treats when it comes time for training? CPDT-KA professional trainer Nicole Ellis explains what you can do keep your pup interested and engaged!
Hiking With Your Dog

Hiking With Your Dog

(3 min read) Nicole Ellis, CPDT-KA, explains how to keep your dog safe on a hike and enjoy your time with your pup out in beautiful nature.

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