Simple and Useful

Touch is a useful behavior that helps you direct your dog to where you’d like them to go (for example, so you can snap that perfect photo). Here’s how you do it: 

  1.  1. Present your open palm to your dog, holding it close to her nose. 
  2.  2. When she touches your palm with her nose, use a positive verbal cue (“Yes!”), remove your hand, and immediately give a reward. 
  3. 3. Slowly increase the distance between your hand and your dog. 

 Trainer Tip: “While this is an easier trick, it’s still something new to our pet, so remember to go slowly and reward the progress your pup makes.” 

 Try using the touch command out in public—at a cafe and want your dog to sit by your feet? Ask for a touch!


If your pup isn’t responding to the touch command, try moving closer and practicing from this distance for awhile. Sometimes distractions or a new environment can cause your dog to lose focus, but they’ll become more comfortable with these distractions the more you practice.

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