Come Basics

Recall, also known as come, is a helpful command that can also be a critical, lifesaving skill. Does your dog come every time, the first time you call? If not, then let's have some fun and get to work!

Remember to practice in a quiet room with no distractions for your dog, and have their favorite treat ready.

  1. 1. Ask your dog to sit.
  2. 2. Take a step back.
  3. 3. Ask him to come!

Practice a few times and then slowly increase the distance between you and your dog. You can even turn it into a game! Grab a friend and take turns calling the dog between the two of you. Remember to keep your voice nice and energetic. 

Once your dog is comfortable with the recall command, practice calling her when she don’t expect it. But be prepared with a tasty treat to reward her with when she comes!


Ruining the Cue

If you’ve told your dog to “come” and then did something she would perceive as a negative (e.g., scolded, left the house, etc.), that’s known as “poisoning a cue.” Make sure to teach your dog that coming to you is always a positive experience. Start with a new word if you’ve already used “come” too many times with your dog. It’s easier to use an unknown command than to change the meaning of one your dog knows and doesn’t like. Keep in mind—no matter what word you choose, it should always result in great fun and rewards.

Try a leash

If you're having a tough time getting your dog to come when you're farther away, have no fear! Attach her to a long leash (10-20 feet), ask her to sit, step backward, then give her a come command. If she doesn't respond, tug gently on the leash to get her attention, and reward her when she comes to you.

Share your progress

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